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"Where there is music, you can safely stay, because wicked people have no songs."

Terré GmbH today stands for sophisticated world music instruments from many parts and ethnic groups of the world. Our label is characterized by individual, unique and spiritual instruments that vibrate in the sound of nature. In addition to the import of traditionally manufactured instruments, there is a constant new and further development of our own instruments. We structure our sales as a wholesale business with a Europe-wide sales network and worldwide trading partners. Our product range now includes more than 1300 instruments including accessories.

The basic spiritual idea has been our guideline ever since the Terré company was founded in 1996. It spins like a thread through our range and our development. Terré is not just a company - it is a way of life that expresses itself through music. When the Terré GbR became Terré GmbH in 2001, we tried to spread our life philosophy not only acoustically but also optically in the form of a jewellery and fashion collection and to dress it, so to speak, in a robe. It has been standing on its own feet as Terré Spirit of Stones for almost 4 years now (2016).

Just as nature is used to constant growth and the renewal and the change of things, so we grow steadily around our guideline which always reminds us to stay true to what is important to us and to swing and resonate in this spirit.

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