Terré GmbH world music instruments

Our boutique in Plauen


opening hours

Mon-Fri   10:00-18:30h
Sat          10:00-14:00h


Altmarkt 8
08523 Plauen

Fon: +49-0-3741 222380
Email: plauen@terre.de

Our product range

-We offer custom clothing for women in sizes 36 to 46 and matching accessories from our brands: Surkana, Zilch, Nomads, Circus, Mistral, Lily and me, PouNou, Pan, among others.
-Silver jewelry with gemstones from Terre Spirit of Stones, amber jewelry from Lithuania, and fashion jewelry including Spiegelbild, among others.
-to complete the selection we offer Incenses from Mondfee Räucherwerk and timeless home accessories from Räderdesign
-Likewise, we offer a selection of our musical instruments.


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